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250-260nm UV Energy Meter SDR-UV254

    250-260nm UV Energy Meter SDR-UV254


SDR-UV254 UV energy meter is a high-precision and high-efficiency UV energy radiation detection instrument, mainly suitable for electronic components industry, hospitals, biological laboratories, shoe factories and other types of needs for testing sterilization lamps, mask sterilization lamps, UV light cleaning machines, UV sterilization bags, physiotherapy lamps, Detection of light intensity and energy of mercury lamp, halogen lamp, light cleaning lamp, optical disc lamp, ultraviolet iron lamp. The SDR-UV254 UV Energy radiation recorder can measure not only UV energy and light intensity, but also temperature, truly making one machine to meet your different needs.

Product Advantages:

Test UV energy, UV light intensity and temperature at the same time

It can observe the change of UV power test curve, UV energy test curve and temperature test curve at the same time.

The instrument has recording function and can store a large amount of data

The SDR-UVV UV energy meter has computer analysis software to export reports

The instrument unit can be switched independently to meet the various needs of different customers

Product Parameters:

● Spectral Range: UV254 (250-260nm), λ:253.7nm

● Measurement range: 0.1-20000uw/cm², 0-999999uj/cm² (default) ; 0.1-20000mw/cm², 0-999999mj/cm² (optional)

● Measurement accuracy: ±5%

● Resolution: 0.1mw/cm²

● Power storage interval: 0.1s/time

● Temperature storage interval: 0.1s/time

● Range of Working Temperature: –55°C to 125°C

● High accuracy over full temperature range: -55℃ ~ -10℃: ±1℃; -10°C ~ 85°C: ±0.5°C; 85℃ ~ 125℃: ±1℃

● Data Storage Duration: 5 sets of data, with a total duration of 15 minutes

● Measurement Mode: Automatic measurement mode, manual measurement mode

● Data Transmission: Yes

● Analyzing Software: Yes

● Sampling Speed: 0.01s/time

● Unit Conversionmw/cm², mj/cm² (default range switching unit)

● Screen: Color LCD screen

● Power Supply: AA batteries

● Instrument Size: Diameter120mm*Height 13mm

● Instrument Weight: 180g

● Packaging Weight: 1200g

● Carton size: 240mm*205mm*80mm

Product Features:

★ Intelligent UV energy radiation recorder, automatic identification of testing wavelength range

★ Color screen displays UV energy, UV light power, temperature, and test duration

★ USB interface data transmission, connected to computer software to read recorded data, perform data analysis, and export test reports

★ High precision temperature sensor, fast and real-time response to test temperature

★ Large capacity data storage, manual mode can store 5 sets of 3-minute data sets cyclically,and automatic mode can store continuously for 15 minutes

★ The stored data will not be lost after power failure, and the system will automatically ask whether to delete the previous data upon startup


Packing List:

SDR-UV254 UV Energy Meter


Software U Disk


USB Data Cable






Certificate/Warranty Card


Carry box