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Company Profile:

Shenzhen Speedre Technology Co.,LTD is an R&D Optical instrument, non-destructive testing instrument manufacturer in China with over 10 years of experience. It has more than 20 patents and software Copyrights and is a national high-tech enterprise.

We mainly produce Spectrum Transmission Meters, UV Energy Meters, UV Light Radiometers,Glass Thickness Meters, Gloss Meters, Coating thickness gauges, Surface Roughness Tester Meters, etc.

Our subsidiary Shenzhen Zreexing Technology Co.,LTD is specifically responsible for overseas sales and services of products with the brand "UV-SPEEDRE" meanwhile, we also accept OEM service.

Company Culture:

Shenzhen Speedre Technology Co.,LTD attached much significance to its culture. 

The secret of success is: All people with all strength do one thing.

Once a good team is formed, the multiplication effect of "1+1>2" is produced. Shenzhen Speedre TechnologyCo.,LTD has a group of high-quality quick pre-sales, customer service service engineer, power source and the development of the company team is excellent,but also provide good service for the customer's guarantee.

The vision of enterprise:
To make our instruments more accurate to make Measurement Easier
The spirit of enterprise: 
We uphold with a dedicated heart to do professional things, we will stand in the perspective of customers to think about problems, dedicated to customer service. Do our best efforts to meet customer demand and customer satisfaction.