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Coating Thickness Gauge GT821F

    Coating Thickness Gauge GT821F


The GT821F coating thickness gauge is a magnetic instrument with a wide range of applications. Its technical parameters conform to national standards.
This instrument is a magnetic portable coating thickness measuring instrument, using magnetic induction test method, can quickly, no damage, precise measurement of non-magnetic coating and coating thickness on magnetic substrate. It can be used in the laboratory or in the engineering field. The instrument can be widely used in manufacturing industry, metal processing industry, chemical industry, commodity inspection and other testing fields. It is a professional instrument for material protection.
The Fe probe can detect the thickness of all non-magnetic coatings, such as paint, powder coating, plastic, porcelain, chromium, copper, zinc, etc., applied to steel and iron.

Main Features:

● Magnetic thickness measurement method is used to measure the thickness of the non-magnetic covering layer on the magnetic metal matrix;

● Single point calibration and two point calibration can be used to calibrate the instrument;

● The basic calibration correction method can be used to update and correct the probe system error to ensure the accuracy of the instrument in the measurement process;

● Negative display function to ensure the accuracy of zero point calibration of the instrument and improve the test accuracy;

● The operation process has a beep prompt;

● Two shutdown modes: manual shutdown mode and automatic shutdown mode;

● Battery voltage indication: low voltage prompt;

● Micro-power design, less than 10 microamps of current in standby mode;

● Measurement method: F magnetic induction.

Technical Parameter:

Measuring Range
Resolution Ratio
0.1μm(0~99.9μm), 1μm(100~1500μm)
Minimum Substrate Thickness
±(1+2%H), H:Coating Thickness
Measuring Area
Power Supply
2pcs*AA Battery
Data Transfer
USB / Bluetooth
Working Environment
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