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Touch Screen UV Radiometer TS280MAX

    Touch Screen UV Radiometer TS280MAX


The TS280MAX touch screen irradiance meter adopts a high-definition full touch screen design, making operation easier; it can read quickly even in low light with higher accuracy; the measurement mode can be switched and can be monitored in real time; it can test different areas of the surface light source to evaluate its uniformity The measurement range can be automatically recognized and switched, truly realizing one-machine testing from weak light to strong light, making the instrument operation simpler and faster. Quickly and accurately measure the UV irradiance of various industries such as photocuring, photolithography, phototherapy, sterilization and disinfection, physiotherapy fluorescence analysis, plant cultivation, water treatment, meteorology and agricultural production UV light sources under different light source intensities.

The instrument is divided into two parts: host and probe. The same host can be matched with multiple probes according to different usage needs. It is plug and play to meet more usage scenarios. It can be widely used in laboratories, factories or other on-site operations, and can be used in almost all applications. Achieve accurate ultraviolet light intensity and energy testing in quality control in the field.


4.3inch touch screen making the operation easier and the display more intuitive;

Using high-precision light receiver, low light and strong light can be tested in one machine;Ultra-large range, the range change can be as high as 1 billion;

Real-time monitoring of irradiance/temperature and over-limit alarm function;

Intelligent range selection, the instrument can automatically switch the range according to the intensity of the light source;

Continuously count the maximum, minimum, average, and uniformity of each set of irradiance or energy data;

One machine has multiple uses. The same host can be used with different receivers according to different light sources;

Built-in high-precision temperature sensor, which can measure the actual temperature in real time during the dynamic test of the instrument;

It has a built-in timer that can accurately record the measurement time;

It can save 30 sets of test data, and the stored data can be read through PC software and exported to generate reports;


Probe Specifications:

Power Range:

0.1uw/cm²-100,000 mw/cm²(automatically switches units according to light source intensity)

Energy Range:

0.1uj/cm²- 999999999.9 mj/cm²

Power Unit:

uw/cm², mw/cm², w/cm², w/m²(can be switched automatically/manually)

Energy Unit:

uj/cm², mj/cm², j/cm², j/m²(automatic/manual switching)



Temperature Measurement Range:

-55--125, ±0.5

Responding Speed:

2048 times/second

Screen Refresh Speed:

10 times/second

Operation Method:

4.3 inch touch screen


3000mAh lithium battery, lasting about 10 hours

Automatic shut-down:

Automatic shutdown after 3 minutes of no sensing or operation (does not take effect when charging)

Operation Prompt Sound:

Yes (can be turned off)

Working Environment:

-20--60, humidity less than 85%, no condensation


Chinese / English


Host: 127*84*31mm (L*W*H

Mode Selection:

Uniformity mode, General mode, Online mode

Communication Method:

USB/RS48 communication

Probe parameters:

Probe size:


Photosensitive hole diameter:


Operating temperature:


Probe material: 


Cable length : 

1m, extension needs to be customized


Probe selection:

E222 (UVC-short wave)
Wavelength range: 200-230nm
Peak wavelength: 222nm

E254 (UVC)
Wavelength range: 230-280nm
Peak wavelength: 254nm

E275 (UVC-LED)
Wavelength range: 260-280nm
Peak wavelength: 275nm

E297 (UVB)
Wavelength range: 280-330nm
Peak wavelength: 297nm

E313 (UVB-xenon lamp)
Wavelength range: 303-323nm
Peak wavelength: 313nm

E340 (UVA-xenon lamp)
Wavelength range: 330-350nm
Peak wavelength: 340nm

E365 (UVA)
Wavelength range: 320-400nm
Peak wavelength: 365nm

E395 (UVA-LED)
Wavelength range: 340-420nm
Peak wavelength: 395nm

E510 (UV FULL)
Wavelength range: 250-410nm
Peak wavelength: 365nm

E420 (Blue Light)
Wavelength range: 400-480nm
Peak wavelength: 450nm


Packing list:

Product Name



Instrument Host






USB Charging Cable









Warranty Card



Carrying Case



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